Must-Have Istanbul Food App

Whether or not you are a foodie (do you hate that word?) or just a regular ol’ eater, we all gotta feed ourselves right? If you are visiting Istanbul then eating is not just about getting fuel into your body, it is an exciting adventure.

Known as the city where East meets West, Istanbul has a long and interesting history. The city of Istanbul, known previously as Constantinople, was strategically located along the historic Silk Road and on the sea route between the Black Sea and Mediterranean. These factors contribute to the amazing food landscape in this huge city today.


In a city as large as Istanbul you’ll need a guide, and the best guide to the food scene is an enthusiastic eater. In case you don’t happen to know a friendly local who can show you around, turn instead to Katie Parla, your new friend in the palm of your hand. She’s made a simple app that gives you a rundown of her favorite places to dine in and around Istanbul.

Katie Parla’s Istanbul app will show you not only the fine dining establishments and the tastiest local hole in the wall eateries, but also gives you the lowdown on tourist traps. The app might mention that the interior of the restaurant is beautiful but the food is overpriced. So you can decide for yourself whether to stop in for a meal.

We used Katie’s recommendations on two trips to Istanbul. Her tips were excellent, leading us to delicious places we may not have discovered on our own. The map is available offline so you can also use it when you don’t have access to WIFI or 4g.

To get a taste of the app, visit her blog Parla Food. Katie is an expert on food and food culture and writes for the New York Times and many other publications. She lives in Rome and covers food topics around Italy and internationally. In addition to her Istanbul app she also has one for Rome. Handy!

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