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Joshua Tree National Park is an otherworldly destination in the California desert. Explore the park and see the strange rock formations and plants for yourself. Whether you enjoy hiking or rock climbing there is something for you!

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Did you know that Arizona was once a tropical landscape filled with green plants, rivers and yes, dinosaurs? It’s difficult to imagine now when we look out at the rocks and scrubby plants. In this park you’ll find colorful sedimentary rocks in blues, purples and reds and glittering remains of trees turned to stones.

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Zion, according to ancient religions, is the spiritual point from which reality emerges. Honestly after visiting Zion National Park for the first time I couldn’t agree more with this sentiment.

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When you visit Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument the first things you will notice in the landscape are the large cacti. You’ll spot stately saguaro cactus, prickly pear and cholla. But here in the Northern Sonoran Desert, the organ pipe cactus steals the show.

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The Superior Hiking Trail starts at Jay Cooke State Park south of Duluth and continues all the way to the Canadian border. The trail is more than 300 miles long and also includes offshoots and spurs to explore places along the route.

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It’s summer, it’s hot, but you still want to hit the trails! Let your feet feel the breeze with these top hiking sandals. We’ll also share the best outdoor sandals for water sports and adventure travel.

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Iceland is a popular stopover destination when traveling between Europe and North America. Travelers might stay one day or a week. Luckily even on a short trip it is possible to see many of Iceland’s amazing sights within just one day if you plan carefully.

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Croatia is a beautiful country with stunning cities and charming towns and villages. But Croatia is also known for its fantastic natural beauty. Here are some of the most popular and beautiful parks in Croatia.

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Yosemite National Park and the surrounding Sierra Nevada mountains has long been popular with artists, climbers, hikers and explorers. Ansel Adams snapped his famous photos here and John Muir loved exploring the peaks and valleys.

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There is more to do in Big Sur than just pass through on your way north or south. Learn about the history of the area and the film, art and literature connections. We’ll tell you our favorite photo ops and secret hiking spots.

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One of the best ways to escape the Strip is to take a 2 day trip from Las Vegas. If you have your own vehicle you can reach some of these places to visit near Las Vegas by car within a few hours.

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Saguaro National Park is a terrific destination for a short weekend trip when you want some peace and quiet. I loved my visit there and I can’t wait to return! Here are tips on what to do in the park as well as plenty of ideas for enjoying Tucson.

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What exactly is forest bathing? It’s spending time in nature with a quiet mind that allows you to experience your surroundings with all your senses. Take in the sights, smells and sounds.

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What are some fun things to do in Las Vegas besides gambling? How about checking out the gorgeous desert landscape around the city. Here are destinations near Las Vegas and fun activities that would make an amazing day trip from Vegas.

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Got yacht envy? Check out these amazing Instagram accounts that will make you want to yell “Ahoy matey!”

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Piet Oudolf is a landscape designer extraordinaire. He is well-known as the mastermind behind the gardens of New York City’s High Line as well as Chicago’s Millennium Park.