Watch This Before You Head to Honolulu

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For most people Honolulu brings to mind beautiful white sand beaches, gentle waves, hula dancing maidens and swaying palm trees. But to those in the know, Honolulu has a happening food scene.

Hawaii has been a place where cultures meet and meld for many years now. And Honolulu, the capital city of Hawaii, is the perfect example of that.

The native people of Hawaii have a rich cultural and food tradition, and each group of immigrants brought their own foods, stories and cultures as well. It is now all bubbling away in a rich and delicious soup. Let’s have a taste?

offmenu honolulu2


We’ll give you our tips for eating in Honolulu in a future article. But until then, watch this episode of Tastemade’s OFF MENU.  Host Aida Mollenkamp is joined by local food hero Mark Noguchi for a whirlwind eating adventure in a few of Honolulu’s best eateries. If you aren’t drooling while you watch there is something wrong!


Places that are mentioned in the video include Koko Head Café, Palace Saimin and The Pig & The Lady

You can check out more OFF MENU episodes here. They are currently filming Season 2, follow Aida on Instagram for a sneak peek.

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