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Autumn is a wonderful time to travel. Crowds are less, prices are cheap, and the weather can be lovely. Here are 10 terrific places to see in Europe this fall.

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Grab a last minute flight or train ride to one of the best places to celebrate New Years in Europe. Yes, there are some cheap European cities for New Years Eve!

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Did you know that Iowa has almost 2,000 miles of multi-use trails separated from roadways where you can cycle, run, rollerblade or walk?

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Granada is famous for FREE TAPAS! Order a drink and you’ll get a snack. Here are 8 favorite Granada tapas bars, both traditional and unusual.

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London might not spring to mind when you think of pretty places. But there are plenty of beautiful areas for a wander in this fabulous city. Here are some of my favorite pretty places in London.

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Rotterdam is an awesome city with tons of fun things to do and places to explore: museums, architecture and art. Let’s get started!

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The city of Granada is famous for the Alhambra, but did you know there are many leafy green oases that should also be on your must-visit list? Here are five of our favorite parks and gardens in Granada.

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Known as the birthplace and home of Shakespeare, Stratford-Upon-Avon is a charming English town with lovely architecture. Let’s go on a short walking tour to discover its secrets!

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When summer comes to Amsterdam this pretty city really shines! Here are seven fun things to do on one of those cheerful sunny summer days in Amsterdam.

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You may be surprised by the Des Moines Art Center. Their collection is fabulous, the buildings are designed by renowned architects and most shocking of all.. entry is FREE!

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Craft beer fever has definitely gripped the nation, as well as the whole world it seems. If you’re not from the midwest you may not know that there are awesome craft beers to be found in Iowa!

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Have you tried ginjinha?

This delicious cherry liqueur is a specialty of Lisbon. Made from Morello cherries, also known as ginja berries, the sweet drink has been enjoyed in the area surrounding Lisbon since the 17th century.

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Spring is one of the best times of the year to take a trip: good weather and less crowds. Shake off the winter blues with a spring weekend getaway in Europe.

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Let’s explore some of the best places to go wine tasting in the Santa Barbara area including downtown Santa Barbara and the beautiful hills and valleys beyond.

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Santa Cruz is a small town but there is a lot to do, especially if you love nature and the ocean. Get active with hiking, surfing and mountain biking or go hedonistic eating, drinking and shopping.

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How walkable is your neighborhood? Find out by checking! Just enter your city, postal code, or let your computer location do the talking and discover how walkable your city or neighborhood is.