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Colorado National Monument is a beautiful park located close to Colorado’s border with Utah. You’ll find red rock formations and canyons, hiking and camping.

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Find your next campsite with these useful websites and apps. We hope this list of resources helps you in planning your next camping or RV trip!

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Joshua Tree National Park and the surrounding areas have long been popular with artists, recluses and dreamers. Here are some amazing places to stay near Joshua Tree.

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One of the best reasons to go camping is to get out in nature and disconnect. To sleep under the stars, cook over wood fires and leave computers and smart phones behind.

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Want to sample the #vanlife? You can rent a camper van or RV perfect for exploring the great outdoors with no need for a tent in tow.

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This fall, take a trip up to Minnesota’s North Shore, where the leaves are turning fiery colors. Along the way check out our favorite cafes, breweries, coolest lodgings and best waterfalls too.

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A huge turbulent flow or just a pretty trickle over rocks, waterfalls are always wonderful. Here are 10 waterfalls to see on the North Shore of Minnesota.

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California has it all: beaches, mountains, rivers, desert. And much of this can be seen in the central part of the state. Let’s explore Central California!

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Did you know that Iowa has almost 2,000 miles of multi-use trails separated from roadways where you can cycle, run, rollerblade or walk?

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Oregon is full of beautiful places to camp and hike. Did you know that Oregon State Parks have rustic cabins, yurts and teepees available to rent?

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We spent a month in Monopoli, a charming a charming town on Puglia’s Adriatic coast. Of course we had to explore the nearby beaches, here are our favorites.

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Burton-on-the-Water is a popular tourist destination. This charming little village sits on a river in the heart of the Cotswolds. Did you know you can stroll country paths to reach nearby villages too?

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The city of Granada is famous for the Alhambra, but did you know there are many leafy green oases that should also be on your must-visit list? Here are five of our favorite parks and gardens in Granada.

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The Fife Coastal Path starts north of Edinburgh at the Firth of Forth and ends at the Firth of Tay. You can walk the entire 117 mile distance or just stroll a small portion.

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Apostle Islands National Lakeshore encompasses 21 islands as well as shoreline along lake Superior in northern Wisconsin. The distinctive geology of the area is a result of glacial activity many thousands of years ago leaving beautiful sandstone formations that dazzle the eye.

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A super popular Illinois state park, Starved Rock has miles of hiking trails and lots of hidden caves and secret waterfalls. Then head south on Route 178 to nearby Matthiessen State Park for more beauty.