Fun Things To Do in Utrecht

Utrecht is a charming city in the center of the Netherlands. Visitors to the country sometimes overlook the town in favor of larger cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam – which are awesome too but why not check out Utrecht as well?

One thing that makes Utrecht unique is the design of its canals. Unlike other Dutch cities, the canals of Utrecht have broad walkways (called werven or wharves) almost level with the water as well as spaces for cafes and warehouses carved into the canal sides. The lovely trees growing from these banks also make Utrecht a beautiful place for a walk.

Utrecht is home to many students due to the university there and thus has a lively atmosphere.

Things To Do in Utrecht

Here are some of our favorite sights to see and things to do in this lovely city.


Utrecht is full of museums, big and small. Here are a few of our faves.

Spoorweg or Railway Museum

This fascinating museum is dedicated to trains and is located in a lovely former train station at Maliebaan. The museum is definitely oriented to children but adults who enjoy history, engineering and transportation memorabilia will also enjoy it. In fact, it is one of my favorite museums in the Netherlands! Many old train engines and cars are housed here including the compartments for the King and Queen. There is even a fun ride and interactive exhibits. The Spoorweg Museum is definitely worth a visit!

Get your tickets to the Railway Museum here.

Speelklok Museum

Another Utrecht museum that is great for kids is the Speelklok Museum. But you know what? This museum is also stellar for adults interested in history and music. Don’t speak Dutch and wondering what a “speelklok” is? Basically this refers to a clock that plays music, like a grandfather clock or even a cuckoo clock. This museum has some amazing examples of clocks but the most fascinating items are probably the collection of street organs and dance organs. The museum staff leads regular tours through the exhibits and plays these antique machines. You can imagine the dancers twirling to the tunes. You’ll also find music boxes and many other fascinating items. The museum is housed in a gorgeous old church which is also a sight to see. Highly recommended!

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The city center of Utrecht is filled with amazing vintage, antique and junk shops. Looking for a unique item to take home? Hit up some of the small shops and pick up an old trinket, much better than some mass produced tourist crap made in Asia and shipped overseas. There are tons of these shops along the Oudegracht, just go for a stroll and pop into any that strike your fancy.

In Utrecht on a nice day? Rent a kayak or canoe and go for a paddle along the canals. The Oudegracht curves around the old city center, partly following the ancient main branch of the Rhine river. You can rent these boats along the Oudegracht from Kanoverhuurutrecht. This is much more fun than doing so in Amsterdam as there is a lot less traffic on the canals.

If you don’t feel like paddling you can also hop on a canal cruise! Book your tickets here.

One of Utrecht’s most iconic monuments is the Domtoren. You can’t miss it! The highest church tower in the Netherlands can be seen in the distance from everywhere in the center. Climb the 465 steps of the tower with guided tour for amazing views over the city. You can also visit the Domkerk, which are the remains of the cathedral. Did you know a Roman fortress used to stand in the same spot? You can see metal plates in the street marking its walls.

A hidden jewel of Utrecht is the adjacent Pandhof or Kloosterhof gardens. These gardens originate in the 14th century, and are now a beautiful place to sit and relax.

If you like gardens you should also make your way to Utrecht Botanical Gardens to see the rock gardens or the Vlinderhof with layered gardens created by famous Dutch landscape designer Piet Oudolf.


Utrecht has many great cafes, restaurants and bars. Here are just a few ideas for places to whet your whistle.

  • Start your day off right with a coffee from Village Coffee & Music or 30ml.
  • Pop into Stach for a tasty sandwich to eat canalside or at the park.
  • Craving something fresh and healthy? Hop into SLA for a big salad.
  • Get some tasty Thai street style food at Yum Saap. So good! And the decor is great!
  • Try Syrian food with a European twist at Syr, an innovative restaurant that also has a cool cultural program.
  • Go for some craft beers and food at the new Oproer Brouwerij. Tasty local beer and good food!
  • Have a Belgian brew in a beautiful old church at Olivier Cafe.



Did you take a day trip to Utrecht or will you spend a night or two? There are often less expensive deals to be had in the smaller cities, and there might be vacancies here when Amsterdam is full!

Utrecht has charming hotels and B&Bs that may suit your needs. Take a look at B&B De Klinkende Munt, B&B Chez Cho, Guesthouse Sonnehoek and B&B aan de Singel for cozy bed and breakfasts. Good hotels in Utrecht include Mary K Hotel, Boutique Hotel Zies and Mother Goose Hotel.

You’ll find that Utrecht has many apartments available to rent for travelers, perfect for those who like a little more space and independence. Take a look at Canal Garden Apartments and City Hall Bridge Apartments for fully stocked lodging with kitchens and bathrooms.

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You can also find lovely places in Utrecht on sites like Airbnb. Use this link to register and you can save €30+ off your first reservation!

You might enjoy these books about Utrecht:


We hope you have a great day in the charming city of Utrecht! Looking for other Dutch cities and towns to explore? Check out our tips for Rotterdam, Haarlem and Amsterdam!

Headed to Europe this summer? Take a look at this handy list to decide what to pack for summer trip to Europe.

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