A Travel Website for Literature Lovers: Eat This Poem

Do you love books, bookstores, libraries and literary cafes? Do you seek out the homes and haunts of your favorite writers when you travel? If so, Eat This Poem is for you!

A Travel Website for Literature Lovers: Eat This Poem

A website about food and literature, Eat This Poem is a clever pairing of poetry and food. Nicole Gulotta, the website’s founder, shares recipes together with a poem about the ingredients. For example, a poem from my favorite poet Pablo Neruda is paired with a post about turning fresh tomatoes into sauce.

In addition to the poems and recipes, Eat This Poem is full of interesting musings about life and good book recommendations. The site is designed in a lovely quiet way that is nice and calming in the buzzing online world.

But my favorite part of the project is the literary city guide section. The guides are written by local experts and contain tips for places to browse for books, but also where to find the best coffee, a good meal, their favorite museums, or a quiet place to go for a stroll. Many cities around the USA are covered such as Portland, Houston, and Boston. You’ll also find guides for cities like Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Istanbul.

I will definitely be checking the site for recommendations before my next holiday.

If you are a writer or bookworm be sure to visit Eat This Poem.

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