13 Weird Things To Do in Vegas

Back at my old job I would go to Las Vegas about four times a year. While Vegas really is a fun playground for adults, I was not exactly there to gamble or have a drunken party at the many nightclubs and swimming pools. I had to go to Las Vegas for work conferences. We would exhibit at the conferences and then network with our clients after hours. This meant I got to know the city pretty well, dining and entertaining with clients. We did lots of the typical crazy things to do in Vegas and some of these unusual things as well.

What do sober people do in Vegas? What are some fun things to do in Las Vegas besides gambling? Luckily there is a lot to do in and around Las Vegas beyond the typical Sin City reputation.

13 Weird Things To Do in Las Vegas :: non touristy things to do in Vegas

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Indeed many people visit Vegas to party, play poker and cut loose. But others don’t like to gamble or drink, or are visiting with their young families in tow. Perhaps they do want to see the Strip but they are not really interested in spending a ton of time in the casinos.

One of the best ways to escape the Strip is to take a full or half day trip from Las Vegas or even a weekend or overnight trip. Another idea is to check out some fun, non touristy things to do in Vegas.

13 Weird Things To Do in Vegas

Do you enjoy quirky museums and unusual activities? Check out these weird, non touristy things to do in Vegas.

• The Pinball Museum features pinball machines from all eras for a step back in time.

• Discover the spooky secrets of Sin City on a ghost walking tour of creepy Vegas.

• Get out your aggressions by smashing everything in sight at a unique wreck room experience. Take bats and crowbars to destroy computers, printers and other office equipment! Get revenge on that awful office.

• If fast cars are your thing, test out a Ferrari, Lamborghini and Corvette on the race track, or just choose one car to test drive like a Porsche. Or check out the fastest indoor go-kart racing in America.

• How about learning how to pole dance in this Stripper 101 class? So fun to do with your friends!

• The Mob Museum is housed in a historic building that was once a courthouse and post office.

• If you’re not afraid of heights, how about a breathtaking helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon or a spectacular hot air balloon ride over Las Vegas.

• It’s a good idea to plan your visit the wacky Neon Museum in the early evening as some of the signs get lit up.

• Foodies will love these delicious activities: go on a Brewery Tour,  a food tour of some of Vegas’ best restaurants, a Downtown Vegas Food Tour, a secrets of the Strip food tour or a sweet Dessert Tour!

• If you go gaga over glitter and glitz, visit the Liberace Museum.  Or Tour Wayne Newton’s Casa de Shenandoah including the stables, glittery costumes and animal menagerie.

• Learn about our natural world at the Las Vegas Natural History Museum.

• Fan of the reality show Pawn Stars? Step into their shop and visit other locations on the show.

• You won’t get bored at Springs Preserve, a network of museums, exhibits and a botanical garden in the center of the city.

• Head out of town for a night kayak paddle in Black Canyon.

• Expand your skillset by taking a circus trapeze class at Trapeze Las Vegas or learn how to throw an axe, lumberjack style. Ooh and don’t forget that stripper pole dancing class!

• If you like botanical gardens, check out the Cactus Garden at Ethel M’s Chocolate Factory, then taste some yummy chocolate in their shop.

• Forget selfies. Book a photographer to follow you around and capture your best angles while lit by the glow of neon lights.

• Looking for a fun way to blow off steam? How about a laser tag battle with your buddies?

• Like old timey stuff? Check out the Old Mormon Fort, the first non-native settlement in Vegas.

• Explore the Arts District, a cool new area that is a hotspot of redevelopment. You can take an informative walking tour or check out this awesome food tour of the downtown neighborhood.

• Play super-sized classic games at Goldspike’s Backyard.

• First Fridays Las Vegas is a fun monthly community festival featuring local art, music and food in downtown Las Vegas.

• Check out these awesome day trips from Vegas, some of them are a bit weird! Like a tour to mysterious Area 51…

13 Weird Things To Do in Las Vegas :: non touristy things to do in Vegas

Here are some more Las Vegas tours and activities.

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I hope you liked these weird things to do in Vegas. Be sure to also check out our favorite weekend getaways and day trips from Las Vegas. There are so many cool places within driving distance.