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Have you tried ginjinha?

This delicious cherry liqueur is a specialty of Lisbon. Made from Morello cherries, also known as ginja berries, the sweet drink has been enjoyed in the area surrounding Lisbon since the 17th century when a Galician friar supposedly invented it.

If you travel to Lisbon you must sample this tasty treat. Head to a traditional shop  in the Rosso neighborhood to taste it. Here are a few of our favorite places. We suggest you sample them all and decide which one you prefer. The only decision you really need to make is “com” or “sem” – with or without the cherry in the cup. We vote “com”, but it’s up to you!

Ginjinha Sem Rival

R. Portas de Santo Antão 7
1150-268 Lisboa

A Ginjinha/ Ginjinha Espinheira

Largo São Domingos 8
1100-201 Lisboa

Ginjinha Rubi

R. Barros Queirós 27
1150-049 Lisboa

If you decide to take side trips to Óbidos or Alcobaça you should definitely try their local ginjinha as well. In Óbidos you can find it served in small edible chocolate cups, which pairs deliciously with the cherry flavor.

A bottle of ginjinha makes a great gift to take home or even better, a wonderful souvenir for yourself!

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