Going to Paris? We Have a Tip for You

Planning a trip to Paris and want to discover some off-beat hidden places? We have a tip for you!

Have you discovered the website of MessyNessyChic? Vanessa (aka Messy Nessy) is the author and founder of the blog (and now book), and has lived in Paris since 2011.

She has amazing quirky cool taste and a talent for uncovering the wacky, weird and wonderful. Her site is brimming with fabulous finds so we thought we’d narrow it down a little bit to whet your appetite and get you ready for an amazing visit to Paris. Check out links to some of our favorite articles below.

Let MessyNessyChic lead you around Paris:

There’s so much more to discover! I urge you to go get lost on this fantastic website now.

And even more exciting Messy Nessy Chic has now come out with a book about Paris too!

Don't be a tourist in Paris

Want more Paris insider info? Check out My Little Paris (more extensive in French) for things like the illustrated best brunch map and other wonderful maps.

Going to Paris? We Have a Tip for You : mylittleparis-map

Also check out this article about Paris as a weekend trip from Amsterdam.

Going to Paris? We Have a Tip for You

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